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This incursion into art offers the spectator a world where the voice of the subconscious creates varied and new identities.

Apparently new, because things we don't remember doesn't mean it never happened. The visual elements emphasize a space where the shape transcends senses and the consciousness becomes geometry of the depths. The chromatic universe reflects a state of spirit that calls the human essence in unlimited times. For discovering signs and symbols haunted by mystery. Something that seems to be an itinerant soul vibrates in ether, looking for a final harmony with the self. The message of origins – the artist tries to unravel – is beyond the sensorial, exceeding the frame of an ordinary experience. And this, provided here throughout concept and color, could be the answer.

The eye of perception captures a new kind of understanding, while the author defines himself and explains his work using words that turn to metaphysical dimensions.

(My thoughts were especially inspired by digital art works like: nonfigurative 12, nonfigurative 10, 11, 13, 20, 23, 27, 28, 29, 42, sea side, endless search, the mask 4, The Lovers, The Butterfly Man, decomposed flight, exit, a dream of a rose, behind the curtain.)

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