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artist statement

I am not good with words. This is the reason I use other means to communicate what I want to say.

I let my mind free. To explore a past, deep down inside me, which was with me through all of my lifes and which, in a conscious state of mind, I would not reach. To search for answers of all the questions that I have. In the first place for me. And then for all of you who share the same beliefs.

Strange and unseen shapes and figures are passing before my eyes. I feel them coming out from deep inside me from a past which I don't remember. But certainly it doesn't want to be forgotten.

About my art

It is very hard to speak about my art. I let myself free of everything. And my mind stops to function. My thoughts disappear. My hand becomes the messenger of the inner worlds. Starting to dance on the white piece of paper or on the drawing tablet of my computer, my hand creates shapes and figures never seen before. The effect of that dance is not a product of a conscious mind. It is not the consequence of a progressive way of thinking, it is not elaborate. The resulting shape has its own personality, its own strength and its own message. But if there is something that diminishes the final work of art is my mind which tries to cover the white spaces with color.

This is why it is so hard to speak about my art. Because in a way it is not my art.

Catalin Popa


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